ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Associate a Work Area with a ProjectWise Project

  1. Right-click a work area and select Properties.
  2. In the Work Area Properties dialog, select the ProjectWise Project tab.
  3. Click Associate.

    The Select ProjectWise Project to Associate dialog opens.

  4. Select a project from the list and click Assign.
    If you need to create and associate a new project:
    1. Click Register Project.
    2. In the Register a project web page that opens, fill out the form and click Save.
    3. Back in the Select ProjectWise Project to Associate dialog, click Refresh to make your new project appear in the list.
    4. Select the new project and click Assign.

    To register a project you must have Administrator or Co-administrator privileges associated with your Bentley profile.

  5. Click OK or Apply in the Work Area Properties dialog.

This work area is now associated with the selected ProjectWise project.

When a work area is associated to a ProjectWise project and you select the work area, or any folder in it, a ProjectWise Project Portal tab displays in the preview pane. The ProjectWise Project Portal tab provides a window to the ProjectWise project (the same as opening a browser and going to the CONNECT Center ( and selecting your ProjectWise project). Scroll down to see the available ProjectWise 365 Services you can use with this project.