ProjectWise Explorer Help

Integration Basics

iDesktop Integration is an option of the ProjectWise Explorer installer that adds ProjectWise functionality to supported applications such as MicroStation, AutoCAD, Revit, Microsoft Office, and others. When an application is integrated with ProjectWise, you can access your datasources, check out and open ProjectWise documents, and check them back in, all from inside the application without having to open ProjectWise Explorer. The level of integration differs from application to application, but typically the commands affected in each application are those which open and save files; this means that the application's native dialogs which open files from and save files to the file system are now replaced by ProjectWise dialogs. If you choose, you can launch the integrated application directly from the desktop and log in to your datasource without ever opening ProjectWise Explorer.

To integrate one of the supported applications with ProjectWise, you first install the application, then you install ProjectWise Explorer with iDesktop Integration support for that application. To integrate an application that was installed after ProjectWise Explorer was installed, or to remove iDesktop Integration support for a particular application, you need to uninstall ProjectWise Explorer and then reinstall it and change the integration options.