ProjectWise Explorer Help

Work Area and Folder Searches

Using either the Define Search dialog or the Quick Search field in the Search toolbar, you can search for work areas or folders based on any general property of the work area or folder, any custom work area attribute (work areas only), or work area type (work areas only).

Every work area contains its own Saved Searches folder, separate from the main Saved Searches folder at the root of the datasource. When you create a saved search, you have the option of saving it to the Global or Personal folder under any work area's Saved Searches folder.

You can copy saved searches from one work area to another, or from a work area to the main Saved Searches folder or vice versa. You can also create something called a work area -aware saved search, which is a search that is defined to search for documents, starting from the work area in which the search itself is saved. When you copy a work area-aware saved search to another work area, the search path of the new saved search is updated to reflect the work area it was copied to.