ProjectWise Explorer Help

Changing the Root Block in a Dependency Map

In any dependency map, you can change the focus of the map by selecting a different block to be the root block. When you change the root, the dependency map is automatically redrawn to show the selected block moved to the root position, with all its dependent blocks branching away from it. (The default view orientation of any dependency map is set to Display Root at Top.)

Changing the root block when you are viewing a document dependency map on the Dependencies tab is not permanent, since document’s dependency map is always freshly generated from the most current information in the database for that document. If you change the root block in a document’s dependency map, the newly set root will remain the root as long as that dependency map remains loaded on the Dependencies tab and you do not click Refresh on the Dependency Viewer toolbar. If you click Refresh, or if you switch to another document’s dependency map and then later return to this one, the default root block will be restored.