ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Search for Documents That Match This Criteria OR That Criteria (Document Search)

  1. Open the Search by Form dialog.
  2. Define your initial search criteria for general properties and/or environment attributes.
  3. Click the Add OR Group button at the bottom of the dialog.

    A new instance of the Search by Form dialog opens. In this instance, all of the entry fields are empty, and the OR 1 button appears and is active at the bottom of the dialog. You can switch back and forth between the original search criteria page and this new OR group by clicking the Look For and OR 1 buttons, respectively. With the OR 1 button selected, you can enter search criteria in all of the tabs on the Search by Form dialog, and they will be considered part of the first OR group of this particular search.

  4. In the OR group, add your additional search criteria.

    Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have added all the necessary search criteria.

  5. Click Apply or OK.

    The results of the search are displayed in the search results list. If you clicked Apply, the Search by Form remains open for you to change the search criteria and run another search. If you clicked OK, the Search by Form dialog becomes the Document Properties dialog opens, displaying the first document found. In this instance of the Document Properties dialog you can click through and display the properties for each of the documents found in the search.