ProjectWise Explorer Help

Emptying the Working Directory (Purge Local Copies)

To free up space on your computer, you may want to empty your working directory from time to time. Every time you check out or copy out a document, a copy of the document gets downloaded to your working directory. And depending on how your user settings are configured, local copies of documents you check out may be remaining in your working directory when you check in or free documents. This strategy improves performance, but over time can result in a large working directory.

You can delete local copies from the working directory in the following ways:

  • Select one or more documents, then select Document > Purge Local Copies. The local copies of the selected documents are deleted from the working directory.
  • Select a project or folder, then select Folder > Purge Copies. All of the copies of documents in the working directory for the selected folder are deleted. If the selected project or folder contains subfolders/subprojects, you will be prompted to confirm whether or not you also want to delete local copies associated to those subfolders/projects.
Tip: You can also remove local copies from the working directory using Local Document Organizer.