ProjectWise Explorer Help

Why Scanning Is Necessary

When documents are initially imported into ProjectWise, any existing physical relationships between the imported documents are kept, but the relationships are not yet recognized or managed by ProjectWise. To establish these relationships in ProjectWise, you need to scan the contents of the imported folders and files using the Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard (Tools > Scan References and Link Sets) in ProjectWise Explorer.

This scanning wizard can be used to:

  • scan and create a logical set for master DGNs and their references, including point cloud (.POD) and reality mesh model (.3MX) references
  • scan and create a logical set for master DWGs and their xrefs
  • scan DGNs for the presence of link sets
  • scan and create a set for multi-file formats and their related files, including Revit family files (.RFA), shapefiles (.SHP), raster files, .MIF files, and .TAB files

When scanning DGNs for references, all supported vector reference formats will be scanned. You can see a full list of supported vector reference formats in MicroStation’s native (non-integrated) Attach Reference dialog.

Note: Scanning is NOT necessary when you open existing ProjectWise documents and attach other ProjectWise documents to them; ProjectWise automatically creates or updates the logical set when you check in the master document. Similarly, scanning is not necessary when you add link sets to an existing DGN document; ProjectWise automatically adds or updates the link set relationship in the database when you check in the DGN document.
Note: If you add a DGN document to the list of documents to be scanned for references, and that DGN references a raster document, which in turn has its own related files, then ProjectWise will create two sets: one for the relationship between the master DGN and the raster, and another set for the relationship between the raster and its related files.
Note: If you want to create a set for a raster and its related files, and that raster is either a standalone document (not attached to a DGN or any other document), or the raster is attached to a DWG document, then you must add the raster document to the list of documents to be scanned for references.
Note: The Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard will scan i-models if you add them to the list of documents to be scanned, and it will create the logical set in the database for the master i-model and its reference i-models, however it will not update the reference paths inside the master i-model. This is because i-models are protected, read-only files and cannot be edited. When you open a master i-model after scanning it for references, you will only see the reference i-models that exist in the same ProjectWise folder as the master i-model. If you need to see all of the reference i-models inside the master i-model, then you should consider creating a packaged i-model of the original master document instead. Creating a packaged i-model takes the master document and all its references, and creates a single file — the packaged i-model. For more information about i-models, see the latest MicroStation or Bentley i-model Composer documentation.
Note: Integration with Revit supports the creation of logical sets, when you are adding links to models in integrated Revit, however the Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard will not update master Revit models, if their links get moved or renamed within ProjectWise.