ProjectWise Explorer Help

Enabling ProjectWise Clients to Use IPv6

ProjectWise fully supports Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). In order to use ProjectWise on IPv6, all ProjectWise clients and servers must be part of the IPv6 network. This section discusses how to enable ProjectWise Explorer and ProjectWise Administrator clients to use IPv6. For details about configuring ProjectWise servers to use IPv6, see the ProjectWise Implementation Guide , or the "ProjectWise Implementation" section of the ProjectWise Administrator help.

For situations in which you need to enter a datasource name using both the IP address and the datasource name (IP:datasource) — for example, when logging in through ProjectWise Explorer or integrated applications — when using IPv6 you need to enter the IP address inside square brackets [ ]. For example:

The same is true, when using IPv6, for situations in which you need to enter a server address using the IP address followed by a port number (IP:port). For example: