ProjectWise Explorer Help

(admins) Setting Up Default Auto-login Settings for Users

As an administrator, you can create and configure the default auto-login settings you want your users to use, and then use some external tool to distribute those settings directly to your users' computers' registry. These settings will be the default auto-login settings. For this reason, the Use default computer settings option is on by default in the Modify Auto-Login Setting dialog (to see this option, click Modify on the iDesktop Auto-Login tab on the ProjectWise Network Configuration Settings dialog). This way a user does not need to perform any configuration in order to use auto-login.

If you do not distribute any auto-login settings to your users' computers' registry, then the default will be that auto-login is not configured at all. If this is the case, and assuming that Use default computer settings is still on, then users will encounter the ProjectWise Log in dialog when they start one of the supported auto-login applications from the desktop. If users want to change their auto-login settings for a particular application, they can select one of the two other user settings, Do not login automatically or Auto-login to datasource selected below in the Modify Auto-Login Settings dialog. These user settings will override any default settings the administrator may have installed in the registry.

Note: As an administrator, you can only configure and distribute auto-login settings with single sign-on enabled.