ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Open a ProjectWise Document from AutoCAD

  1. Select one of the following:

    Ribbon: ProjectWise tab > Document panel > Open

    Command: DMSOPEN

    ProjectWise's Open Document dialog opens.

  2. From the Folder list, select the folder or project containing the document to open.

    The documents at the root of the selected folder or project display in the Document list. You can filter the list of documents that display by selecting an application from the Application list. For example, when set to 'AutoCAD', only the documents associated to the ProjectWise application 'AutoCAD' display.

  3. In the Document list, select a document.

    In the Address bar, the full path to and including the document name displays. In the fields below that, the document's description, file name, and associated application display.

  4. Click Open.