ProjectWise Explorer Help

Spatial Location Values

Values for spatial locations can be:

  • Custom — This value is automatically affected when the geometry is drawn by the user or calculated by the extractor or imported from an index. Geometries can be drawn by the user, extracted from a graphic file, or imported.

    In the case of a folder, the geometry can be calculated from the sum of the folder's objects minimum bounding rectangle (MBR), which is from the sum of the document’s MBR and subfolder's MBR. This calculation is user driven (click the Calculate button in the Spatial tab of the Folder Properties dialog).

  • Parent folder — This value is usually a default value; however, a custom spatial location can be set back to “use parent folder”.

    When a spatial object’s spatial location value is set to “Parent folder” it means that it uses the geometry AND the coordinate system of the parent folder, if any change happens to the later, the changes are reflected in the spatial object. The Geometry and the coordinate system cannot be modified.

    When the spatial location value is set to custom, a copy of the parent folder is assigned to the object if the former value was “parent folder”. If the former value was “none”, the Universal Coordinate System (UCS) is assigned to the coordinate system value.

  • None — This is the default value, assigning this value to a spatial location is like deleting the spatial location.