ProjectWise Explorer Help

How Reference and Link Set Scanning Works

You can run the Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard as often as needed. Typical situations for using the wizard are after upgrading the datasource from a pre-V8.1 version of ProjectWise, or after importing large quantities of files into ProjectWise, whether by dragging folders into ProjectWise Explorer from Windows Explorer, or by using ProjectWise’s bulk-loading tools.

There are two main parts to setting up the Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard: first identifying folders containing master documents and link sets and/or identifying individual documents that are master documents or contain link sets, then setting up a method for searching for the master documents' references and/or the link documents of the link set.

In the first part, as you are selecting folders and documents to scan, you can instruct the wizard to create new and update existing logical sets (the default), or to only create new logical sets when master documents are found (and bypass existing logical sets if any exist in the identified folders and documents).

In the second part, you can determine how you want to search for the documents that are attached to/referenced by the master documents by:

  • setting up a priority search — specifying which folders to search for references, and defining a search priority for those folders.
  • setting up a proximity search — using the master document’s folder as the starting point for a search for references. Or, you can set some folder level above the master document’s folder as the starting point for scanning.
  • using both priority and proximity searches to scan for references.

As the specified folders and documents are being scanned, ProjectWise creates a logical set, one for each master document, that shows which documents are referenced into that particular document. If you also instructed the wizard to do so, ProjectWise updates any changed information in existing logical sets found in the specified folders and documents.

Note: The Scan for Reference Files and Link Sets wizard supports live nesting of references in both MicroStation and AutoCAD. For each master file detected during the scanning process, the file's nest depth is also obtained and stored in the ProjectWise database.
Note: After scanning references, any reference links from earlier versions will be updated to use the PW_WORKDIR configuration variable.