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Opening DWG Files with Title Blocks in MicroStation CONNECT Edition

If you are using attribute exchange with DWG files in MicroStation CONNECT Edition, you need to enable an option in MicroStation called Block Attributes as Tags so that the block attributes in DWG files will be converted to tags when the DWG file opens in MicroStation. When this option is off (the default), DWG block attributes are converted as item types.

You can enable this option either by turning it on manually through the DWG Open Options dialog (DWG Open Options dialog > Advanced > Block Attributes as Tags), or by setting the MicroStation configuration variable, MS_DWG_ATTRIBUTE_AS_TAG=1.

Tip: If MicroStation is already open, you can open the DWG Open Options dialog using the key-in, DWGOPEN DIALOG OPEN. In non-integrated MicroStation, this dialog can also be opened by clicking the Options button in the Open dialog when you are opening a DWG file from the local file system.