ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Search for Documents Based on General Document Property Values (Search Builder)

  1. Open the Define Search dialog.
  2. Set Look for to Documents, and if necessary specify the starting folder or work area to search in.
  3. Set Criterion Type to General Properties.
  4. Set Property to one of the available general properties, for example, Application.
  5. Specify a value for the property in the Value field.

    Depending on the property selected, the Value field either becomes a list containing fixed options (obtained from the datasource), or a field with an accompanying Format (...) button. You can either type in the field, or click the Format button to open a dialog which helps you build a custom search expression to insert into the Value field.

    For example, when you select the Application property, all the ProjectWise applications defined in the datasource display in the Value list, and selecting one of these values limits the search to documents associated to that particular application. However, for a property such as File Name, you can either type some value or custom expression in the Value field, or you can click the Format button to build a custom search expression.

  6. Once the criterion has been defined, click the Add Criteria button.

    The defined criterion is added to the search criteria window at the top of the dialog.

  7. Click Apply or OK to run the search.

    Documents matching your search criteria display in the search results list.