ProjectWise Explorer Help

Deleting Work Areas and Folders

Similar to the way you can configure what items in a work area or folder get copied to the new location during a copy and paste operation, you can also configure exactly which items get deleted when you delete a work area or folder.

To be able to delete either a work area or a folder, these user settings must be on:

  • Folder > Can modify
  • Folder > Can delete
  • Work Area > Can delete (work areas only)

To Delete an Empty Work Area or Folder

  1. Select an empty work area or folder.
  2. Select Folder > Delete.
  3. When prompted, click Yes to confirm deletion.

To Delete a Work Area or Folder Containing Items

  1. Select a work area or folder containing sub-work areas, subfolders, and/or documents.
  2. Select Folder > Delete.

    The Delete Work Area / Folder dialog opens.

  3. Select the items you want to delete on the General tab, and set your delete preferences on the Advanced tab, then click Delete.

    The selected items in the work area or folder are deleted.