ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Create Renditions

  1. Do one of the following:

    In the document list, select documents, flat sets, folders, or projects, then select Document > Create Renditions.


    In the datasource list, select a folder, then select Folder > Create Renditions.

    The Create Renditions dialog opens.

  2. Select a profile.
  3. (Optional) Click More to display the default components for the selected profile and change any of them if needed.

  4. (Optional) Click Browse to change the output folder, if permissions allow.
  5. (Optional) Turn on Send e-mail notification on completion to receive an email notification.
  6. Click Submit.

    A message opens notifying you that the rendition job was submitted.

  7. Click OK.
Note: When you select a flat set, all the documents in the flat set will be processed. When you select a folder or project, all documents in all subfolders/subprojects will be processed.
Note: When selecting documents, you cannot select an InterPlot Plot Set (IPS) file in conjunction with other documents. Each IPS file must be submitted by itself in a separate job.
Note: If the documents in your selection set span projects and/or folders that use different profiles, you will be required to select a single profile that will be used for all files.
Note: Selecting a folder in the document list and selecting Folder > Create Renditions will create renditions from the folder that is open in the datasource list. To create renditions from a folder selected in the document list, you must select Document > Create Renditions instead.