ProjectWise Explorer Help

Spatial Security

The Spatial extension to ProjectWise Explorer follows the access control settings that are defined for objects and users. The Spatial tab on the document and folder properties dialogs will only display the spatial locations of objects for which the current user has read access.

Additionally, a Spatial tab has been added to the User Properties dialog in ProjectWise Administrator. On this tab is the option, This user is a Spatial Administrator. When a datasource is first created, the ProjectWise administrator account has this setting turned on. Only the administrator can turn this on for a user. This setting gives users the right to create, modify and delete spatial locations for documents and folders. The setting does not override the ProjectWise access control settings for document and folder modifications. For example, in order to modify the spatial location of a document, a user must have write access to that document AND the setting, This user is a Spatial Administrator, must be enabled.