ProjectWise Explorer Help

Opening Documents

You can open documents from ProjectWise Explorer by double-clicking them or by using one of these commands:

  • Document > Open — used to check out (if possible) and open the selected document in its default application, which is typically the document’s native application. This is the same as double-clicking a document. If you do not have File Write access to the document, Document > Open will be disabled when you select that document in ProjectWise Explorer. If the selected document is a version (which means that it is read-only by nature), then Document > Open will open the document as read-only, and the document will not be checked out.
  • Document > Open as Read-Only — used to open the selected document in its default application without checking it out.
  • Document > Open With — used to open the selected document in an application that is not the document’s default application.
  • Document > View — used to open the selected document in a viewing application without checking it out.

With the exception of using Document > Open With, the application that opens the selected document depends on the ProjectWise application associated to the document, and the program designated to open or view documents associated to that application.

Note: The procedures below deal with opening documents as read-only. See Checking Out and Checking In Documents for procedures that deal with checking out and opening documents.
Note: There is a user setting (Document List > Double click action) that controls what happens when you double-click a document in ProjectWise Explorer. By default the double-click action is set to open documents, but you can change that to another action, such as Open as read-only, or your administrator may have hidden this user setting and set a default for you.
Note: Using Document > Open With to open a document into a non-integrated version of an Office application, AutoCAD, or Revit may lead to unexpected results, as this is not a typical ProjectWise workflow. If you need to use Document > Open With, open a test document first and make sure the results are satisfactory. In some cases, you may need to check in the document manually from ProjectWise Explorer after closing the document or exiting the application.