ProjectWise Explorer Help

Opening the ProjectWise Browser

Click the Project button on the ProjectWise panel on the Bentley tab to open the ProjectWise browser and get started.

Most of the advanced integration functionality is controlled through the ProjectWise browser.

The ProjectWise browser is a floating window when there is no document open in Revit; once you open a document in Revit, you can dock the browser if needed.

Use the icons across the top of the browser to do the following:

  • Create Project - Used to create a new advanced integration project.
  • Open Project - Used to open an existing advanced integration project. Click the down arrow on this button to select a project from a list of recently opened projects.
  • Reload Project - Reloads the project. Only the project will be reloaded, not the content that is used in the project.
  • Download All - Downloads all files referenced in the project to your ProjectWise working directory.
  • Settings - Opens the Settings window for the browser.
  • Recent Issues - (upper right corner of the browser) Click this icon to see a list of issues related to recent operations, if there were/are any.