ProjectWise Explorer Help

Preview Pane > Document Properties Tab

The Document Properties tab displays general properties of the selected document. These properties are the same that you would see if you opened the Document Properties dialog, only they are not editable from this location.

In the upper left corner of the Preview Pane, and also in integrated applications' document selection dialogs, a thumbnail image of the selected document displays. If no thumbnail image exists for the selected document, then a default image displays in its place. Thumbnail images are generated by your administrator.

Tip: Thumbnails are typically used for previewing DGN and DWG documents, but can also display thumbnail images of other file types. For a full-sized preview of DGN documents, use the Navigator tab. For a full-size preview of other file types such as image documents, use the Photo Preview tab.
Tip: You can control the display of the thumbnails through the user setting, User Interface > Show document thumbnail in preview pane.