ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Remove an Inherited Configuration Settings Block from a Folder

  1. Select a folder and select Folder > Properties to open its Properties dialog.
  2. Select the Workspace tab.
  3. Set Workspace Type to Managed.
  4. Set Level associations to Object & Inherited.

    The text “(inherited from the folder 'foldername')” appears after the name of any configuration settings block that is inherited from some parent folder above it.

  5. Clear the setting, Allow inheritable configuration block associations from the parent to propagate to this object and all child objects.

    When you clear this setting, the Inheritance dialog opens with the following options:

         — Copy: this breaks the inheritance, but copies all inherited configuration settings blocks to this folder

         — Remove: this breaks the inheritance, and removes all inherited configuration settings blocks from this folder

         — Cancel: this closes the dialog without breaking inheritance, and the option is set again.

  6. Do one of the following:

    To remove all inherited configuration settings blocks from being assigned to this folder, click Remove on the Inheritance dialog.


    If you want to remove some but not all inherited configuration settings blocks, click Copy. Inheritance is broken, but the inherited settings blocks are now directly assigned to this folder. Now you can select individual settings blocks, right-click and select Remove Association, to remove any unwanted configuration settings blocks from being associated to the folder.

  7. When finished, click OK to save changes and close the Folder Properties dialog.