ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Open a Saved Search, from the Saved Searches Folder

  1. Go to the Saved Searches folder containing the search you want to open.

    This can either be the main Saved Searches folder of the datasource, or the Saved Searches folder under one of your work areas.

  2. Expand the Global or Personal search folder.
  3. Right-click the saved search you want and select Show in Document Search.

    You can also select the saved search and select Folder > Show in Document Search.

    If the saved search is a search for work areas and folders, the search opens in the Define Search dialog.

    If the saved search is a search for documents, the search opens in the Search by Form dialog.

    (This option is not affected by the default search dialog, if one is set.)

  4. Modify the search criteria as required and click OK.

    The search is initiated, and you are prompted to save the changes you made to the search criteria. Whether you click Yes or No, the results of the search, based on the modified criteria, are displayed in the search results list.

  5. Click Yes.

    The modifications to the search criteria are saved. Also, the new search results, based on the modified search criteria, are also saved.