ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Create a New Version of a Document

  1. Select a checked-in document to which you have Write access. If the document already has versions, select the active version.
  2. Select Document > New > Version.

    The New Document Version dialog opens.

  3. The Version field in the Document section is pre-populated with the label of the current active version, and is used to set the label for the new version. Do one of the following:

    Leave the current label as is and let the new version use the current active version's label.


    Change the label to be used for the new version snapshot (up to 32 characters).

    Note: You will not be able to edit the label for this version once it is created.
  4. The Version field in the New version section is used to reset the label for the active version. Do one of the following:

    Leave this field empty and let ProjectWise assign the next available alpha (default) or numeric version identifier for you (it will be assigned when you click OK).


    Enter a custom label for the active version (up to 32 characters).

  5. If a Comment tab exists on the dialog, select it and type your comments in the Comments field. If you added comments on previous document operations, you can also select from a list containing your previously entered comments.

    Comments may be optional or required, depending on your configuration. If comments are required and you click OK before adding comments, you will be prompted to add comments and will not be able to create the new version until you do so. If comments are optional, you will still see the Comment tab, but you will be able to click OK without entering any comments.

  6. Click OK.

    The new, read-only version is created and displays in the document list. The version and sequence properties of the active version are updated.