ProjectWise Explorer Help

Filtering the Display of Blocks in the Dependencies Tab

When viewing a document dependency map, you can use the Block Filter tab to:

  • show as many or as few levels of dependencies between documents as you want.
  • determine which types of object you want to show in the dependency map (models, references, link sets, flat document sets)
  • turn on / off the display of individual blocks in the dependency map

Whatever changes you make in the Block Filter tab will remain in effect as long as the current document dependency map is displayed. To restore the default Block Filter settings, click the Refresh icon on the Dependency Viewer toolbar. Switching documents (if the Lock icon is unlocked) will also restore the default Block Filter settings.

Note: When you choose to display Models on the Dependencies tab, only V8 DGN models are supported. Display of models from V7 DGN files or AutoCAD files is not supported.
Tip: You can run an advanced search for documents in the Dependencies tab, by clicking the Advanced Search icon on the Blocks tab of the Block Filter tab. This is the same as running an advanced document search from the Search tab.