ProjectWise Explorer Help

Preview Pane > Access Control Tab

The Access Control tab is used to simplify the way security is set on documents, folders, and work areas. When this tab is active, you simply select any document, folder, or work area, and you can see instantly what access control security permissions are set for the object (whether inherited, or explicitly set). Using this same tab, you can turn on or off permissions as needed, or add or remove users as needed. You can also export the current security settings of the selected folder or work area to an Excel spreadsheet, modify them if necessary, and then import that spreadsheet to the same or another folder or work area. You can also apply the security settings of the currently selected document, folder, or work area directly to another document, folder, or work area in the datasource.

Using this tab is the recommended way to set permissions in ProjectWise Explorer, however you can still edit permissions from the Security tabs on the Properties dialogs if you prefer. Setting security permissions in the Access Control tab automatically updates the permissions shown on the Security tabs, and vice versa.