ProjectWise Explorer Help

Changing the Orientation of the Current Dependency Map

Using the Display Root at Left, Display Root at Right, Display Root at Top, and Display Root at Bottom icons on the Dependency Viewer toolbar, you can change the orientation of the current dependency map so that the root block appears either at the leftmost, rightmost, topmost, or bottommost position of the map.

When you change the view orientation, the current dependency map is automatically redrawn with the root block placed in its extreme position (according to the selected view orientation icon), and with the other blocks and links correspondingly repositioned to maintain the integrity of the dependency map.

The default view orientation is Display Root at Top. To change the orientation, just click one of the other three view orientation icons.

You can see what the current orientation for the current dependency map by looking at which view orientation icon is selected in the toolbar.

When you change the default view orientation, that view orientation remains in effect throughout your session of ProjectWise Explorer (until you change it again). Closing and reopening ProjectWise Explorer will restore the view orientation to the default.