ProjectWise Explorer Help

Using the Define Search Dialog

  1. Select Folder > Advanced Search, or select the Advanced Search icon in the Search toolbar.
  2. If Search Builder is set as your default search dialog, the Define Search dialog opens.

    If you do not have a default search dialog set, the Select Search Definition Dialog dialog opens first. Select Search Builder and click OK to open the Define Search dialog.

    In the Define Search dialog, you first select the type of search (document, or work area and folder), then you select what you want to search by. When you reach the Value field, depending on the property selected, the Value field either becomes a list containing fixed options obtained from the datasource, or a field with an accompanying Format (...) button. Just like in the Search by Form dialog, you can either type in the field, or click the Format button to build a custom search expression.

  3. Select whether you want to search for documents, or work areas and folders.
    • To search for documents, at the top of the dialog set Look for to Documents.
    • To search for work areas and folders, set Look for to Work Areas and Folders.
  4. Select whether you want to search the entire datasource, or search in a particular work area or folder.
    • To search the entire datasource, make sure the search criteria window is not configured to search in any particular folder or work area.
    • To limit the search to look in a particular folder or work area, set Criterion Type to General Properties, set Property to Folder, click the Format (...) button to the right of the Value field and select a folder or work area; once the folder or work area appears in the Value field, click the Add Criteria button. If there was already a starting folder or work area specified in the search criteria window, you are asked whether or not you want to replace the starting folder or work area with this one. If that happens, click Yes.
    Tip: If you have a folder or work area selected and you open the Define Search dialog by selecting Folder > Advanced Search, the dialog will be preset to search in the selected folder or work area, and also any of its subfolders and sub-work areas.
  5. Set other search criteria as necessary (see procedures below for details).
    Note: Entering no search criterion will return a list of all documents in the datasource or selected folder or work area.
  6. (Optional) To set the view to be applied to the search results list for this search only, select a view from the View menu on this dialog.

    If you do not specify a view here, then whatever is set as the default view for the search results list will be used instead.

  7. Click OK to run the search and close the dialog, or click Apply to run the search but leave the dialog open.

    Documents matching your search criteria display in the search results list.