ProjectWise Explorer Help

Icons in the Document List

In the document list, each document has two icons associated with it. The first icon indicates the permissions and usage of the document. The second (program) icon indicates the type of document, the application to which the document is associated, and for DGN and DWG documents, whether or not the document is the master document of a logical set.

Tip: The program icons which display are those set by your administrator in ProjectWise Administrator. You can leave the default icons as they are or you can customize them as necessary.
Note: If you are not assigned permissions to a document, the document does not appear in your document list.

Document Status Icons

Icon Description
Read / Write — The pencil icon indicates that the document is checked in, and you have permission to modify the document's properties (Read and Write privileges) and/or you have permission to edit the document's attached file (File Read and File Write privileges).
Read Only — The open book icon indicates that you have read-only access to the document, either because you have neither Write nor File Write privileges for this document, or possibly because the document is a version.
Locked — Document is either checked out, or has been exported, by another user. You can still open this document as read-only.
Checked Out — Document is checked out to you.
Exported — Document has been exported by you.
Final Status of a Document — Someone has set Final Status on this document.
Final Status of a Version — Someone has set Final Status on this version.

Document Type Icons

Icon Description
This is the default application icon, for when a document is associated to an application, but the application itself has no icon associated to it.
This icon displays next to a document either which is not associated to an application, or which has no file attached.
This icon displays next to an overlay document (.overlay.dgn) created with Bentley Navigator V8i (no longer supported).
A flat document set.
A MicroStation master document of a logical set.
A MicroStation document storing a link set.
A MicroStation master document of a logical set, which is also storing a link set (the link set icon is on the lower left, the logical set icon is on the lower right).
An AutoCAD master document of a logical set document.