ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Import an Existing Central File into ProjectWise

Note: The related DAT files that get created in ProjectWise when a new central file gets created should never be deleted.
  1. Before bringing the central file into ProjectWise, open it in Revit and detach it from the central file.
  2. If the central file has links, you get notified that your links are broken. Unlink all linked models using the Manage Links dialog.
  3. From the Application menu, select Save As > Project to save it as a new Revit project file, outside of ProjectWise.
  4. Import (drag) the new Revit project file into ProjectWise — do not import the existing related DAT files; they will get created later.
  5. Open the file from ProjectWise Explorer into Revit.
  6. When Revit's Copied Central File dialog opens, click Close.
  7. From the Application menu, select Save As > Project again, this time to save it as a new project file in ProjectWise. It is recommended that you keep your central files in a folder designated for central files only.

    A new central file is created and four .DAT files are also created with it.