ProjectWise Explorer Help

To Add or Remove Work Area Participants

  1. Select a work area.
  2. Select Folder > Properties.
  3. In the Work Area Properties dialog, select the Participants tab.

    Here you can add the users you want to have access to the work area, and then set the user's access rights for the work area. You can set access rights by assigning one of the predefined roles (Work Area Administrator, Work Area Leader, Work Area Team Member, Work Area Observer, or No Access), or you can customize the access rights of each user.

  4. To add participants (users and groups):
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Select Security Object dialog, select the users and groups you want to add and click OK.

    By default, new participants are assigned the Work Area Team Member role. The user who created the work area is automatically assigned the Work Area role.

  5. To remove a participant, select the participant and click Remove.
  6. Click Apply or OK in the Work Area Properties dialog.

    The Confirm Work Area Security Changes dialog opens.

  7. Select the appropriate option and click OK.