ProjectWise Deliverables Management Portal Help

Inviting External Participants to a Project

External participants are now invited to the project through the Manage External Organizations page of your ProjectWise project, instead of through the settings of your ProjectWise Deliverables Management Portal. The overall process of inviting and accepting the invitation is basically the same, the main difference is that these external participants can now use all of the services available in a ProjectWise project, not just ProjectWise Deliverables Management.

Invite an External Participant

  1. Go to the home page of your ProjectWise project and click Manage in the External Organizations pane.
  2. On the Manage External Organizations page, click Invite Organization.
  3. In the Invite External Organization dialog, enter the email address of the primary contact of the external organization that you want to invite to this project, enter an optional message, and click Send Invite.

    An invitation is sent to the person at the specified email address.

    The person is added to the list of external organizations with a Status of Pending, until they either accept or reject the invitation.

  4. The invited person opens their invitation email and clicks View invitation, which this takes them to a page where they can accept the invitation and select which project they want to use. (see Accepting a Project Invitation from Another Organization)

View Current External Participants from ProjectWise Deliverables Management

While the location for inviting and managing external participants has changed, you can still go to Settings > Participants > External page in the ProjectWise Deliverables Management Portal to see the list of current external participants that have been invited through the new Manage External Organizations page.

A person who has been invited will have an Invitation Status of Not Accepted Yet, until they either accept or reject the invitation.