ProjectWise Revit Advanced Integration Readme


Error messages / Recent Issues

If an error occurs during a batch operation, or if a non-fatal error occurs while a command is being executed, the error message will be added to the errors window.

To open the errors window, click the Recent Issues button in the upper right corner of the ProjectWise browser.

The window shows severity of the issue (with an icon), the time the issue occurred, and a description of the issue. Also, the window has a Clear All button that lets you clean up the error list.

Logging configuration

To enable logging:

  1. Open the C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin\odma.log.xml file in a text editor.
  2. Find the following section and change the priority value to "all":
    <category name="pwise.integrations.PWRevitProject"> <priority value="all"/></category>

    Logging messages will be added to this file:

    C:\Users\<Your user>\AppData\Local\Bentley\Logs\odma.log

These logging messages can help your technical support analyst investigate issues with your integration. If you have an issue and they ask for your log file, this is the file you would send them.

Note: You can use "info" instead of "all" if you just want monitor publishing progress.

Known issues

  • The set created while publish to DWG is draft. You may need to use scanrefs if you want to work with the published drawings and integrated AutoCAD.
  • R > Open should be used to open A360 hosted documents.
  • R > Open should be used to create the local copy for Revit Server documents.
  • If you want to use symbolic links for references location, you need to have permissions in your Windows system to use it.
  • If you use multiple displays with your workstation and you move the ProjectWise browser to a secondary display and then disconnect the secondary display, the ProjectWise browser may not appear the next time you start Revit.

    To restore the ProjectWise browser, you may need to remove the configuration in location:


  • In some cases IFC documents are attached using a relative path even if the master Revit document is placed on other drive than reference is cached. In such cases you should manually change the reference path to absolute using Path type in the Manage Links dialog.