ProjectWise Administrator Help

Changing User Settings

You can modify each user's user settings, either one user at a time, or by selecting multiple users and applying user settings changes to all selected users. If you select multiple users and select Properties, all user settings, both the ones that you change and the ones that you leave the same, will be applied to the selected users.

The Settings tab of the User Properties dialog is where user settings are set. The Settings tab is also where each user's ProjectWise Explorer working directory can be defined. You can set a working directory for each user, for example "C:\pwworkdir", or you can leave the working directory undefined, so that each user is responsible for establishing their own working directory when logging in to the datasource in ProjectWise Explorer. If the working directory is not defined when a user attempts to log in to a datasource, that user will be prompted to first define their working directory before the datasource opens to them. Users must never share the same working directory, as it can cause problems with check outs and exports.

To Change a User's User Settings

  1. Right-click a user and select Properties.

    The User Properties dialog opens.

  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Change user settings as necessary and click OK.