ProjectWise Administrator Help

Users Properties Dialog

Opens when you right-click the Users datasource node and select Properties.

Settings tab

Used to view or modify the default users settings that will be applied to each new user account.

The settings on this tab are described in the section, User Properties Dialog > Settings Tab.

See also: Default User Settings

Granular Security tab

Used to apply granular security to the Users datasource node, if needed.

Dynamic Creation tab

Used to configure a user identity filter for use with Bentley IMS authentication.

The user identity filter specifies which organization a Bentley IMS user must belong to, in order for a matching ProjectWise account to be created automatically, the first time a user who belongs to that organization tries to log in to this datasource using Bentley IMS authentication.

See Adding Users with Bentley IMS Accounts to the Datasource.

Audit Trail tab

Used to view the audit trail report for the Users datasource node.