ProjectWise Administrator Help

Document Processors > Thumbnail Extraction

Used to enable, configure, and schedule the extraction of thumbnail images from files stored in the datasource. Extracted thumbnail images display in ProjectWise Explorer on the Preview Pane when a document is selected, and also in integrated applications' document selection dialogs.

Right-click the Thumbnail Extraction node and select:

  • Properties — to open the Thumbnail Extraction Properties dialog, which lets you enable, schedule, and configure the behavior of thumbnail image extractions.
  • Start Processing Now — to start an extraction manually, without waiting for the next scheduled extraction to occur, or if no schedule is defined. This option does not appear until you enable extractions and specify a user context for the extraction to run in, through the Properties dialog.
  • Mark Folder Documents for Reprocessing — to mark documents in the selected folder as requiring reprocessing. Once a document has been successfully processed, if no more changes are made to the document, that document cannot be processed again unless it is specially marked for reprocessing.