ProjectWise Administrator Help

Storage Area Properties Dialog

Used to create a storage area for which documents in the datasource are stored, or to modify an existing storage area's properties.

General tab
  • Name — Defines the name of the storage area. This is the name users will see on various dialogs in ProjectWise Explorer, in particular, in the Storage Area list in the Create Folder and Folder/Project Properties dialogs.
  • Description — Allows you to type an optional description of the storage area.
  • Computer name or IP address — Defines the computer on which the storage area is to be created. ProjectWise Design Integration Server or ProjectWise Caching Server must be installed and running on the computer specified here.
  • Path — Used to create the actual storage area folder on the specified computer. Make sure you include the drive when defining the path, for example, C:\storage. The folder will be created after you click OK or Apply in this dialog. If the folder you specify already exists, you will not be permitted to use that folder as your new storage area.
Disk Usage tab Shows the amount of space the selected storage area currently occupies, and how much space is still available.