ProjectWise Administrator Help


When ProjectWise Design Integration Server is installed on the same computer as ProjectWise Administrator, the server's computer name is automatically registered and displayed (assuming it is also running) under the Servers node when you open ProjectWise Administrator. By default, only registered ProjectWise servers display in ProjectWise Administrator, but you can configure ProjectWise Administrator to display registered servers as well as any non-registered ProjectWise servers in the network that are detected to be running. Datasources are then grouped by the server that is running them.

Right-click the Servers node and select:

  • To register a remote ProjectWise server, right-click the Servers node and select Register Server.
  • To display all available ProjectWise servers, right-click the Servers node, and if there is a check mark next to List Only Registered Servers, select this menu item to turn it off.
  • To view or modify server settings, right-click a server under the Servers node and select Properties.