ProjectWise Administrator Help

New Environment Wizard

Used to create custom attributes for the documents in your datasource. Opens when you right-click the Environments node in ProjectWise Administrator and select New > Environment.

This section documents all the possible pages (in order of appearance) that you might encounter in the New Environment Wizard.

Naming the environment page
  • Environment name — Sets the name of the environment.
  • Environment description — Sets the description for the environment.
Selecting database table page
  • Create new table — Used to create the datasource using a new database table.
  • Use existing table — Use to create the datasource using an existing database table.
Designing new table page
  • Add — Opens the New Column Properties dialog, which is used to add attributes to the environment's database table. After entering values in the dialog and clicking OK, the attribute is displayed in the wizard.
  • Modify — Used to modify attributes after adding them using the Add button.
  • Delete — Used to delete attributes that have been added using the Add button.
Choosing environment settings
  • Create attribute records when document is created — The attributes will be created when a document is created. By default, attributes are only created when the first one is entered.
  • Make this environment the common environment — The common environment is the default environment that will be used whenever a folder is created in ProjectWise Explorer, if no other environment is specified. Only one common environment may be specified in a datasource.