ProjectWise Administrator Help

Group Properties dialog

Used to control which users belong to the group, and which user lists the group is a member of.

General tab

Sets the name and type of the group.

Name The name of the group.
Description The description of the group.
  • Logical - If set, the group name can be anything, and is stored in the ProjectWise database.
  • Windows - If set, the group name must be a valid group name existing in your organization's Windows domain.
  • Windows - synchronized
Windows domain If Type is set to Windows or Windows - synchronized, this field is used to specify the name of the domain that the group belongs to.
Update user membership from federated identity claims Turn this setting on if you want to synchronize this ProjectWise group with a Bentley IMS group of the same name. In this case, synchronization means that when Bentley IMS users (who belong to the Bentley IMS group that has the same name as this ProjectWise group) log in to ProjectWise (using their Bentley IMS accounts and Bentley IMS authentication), they will be automatically added to this ProjectWise group.

For this synchronization to work, the datasource setting Allow user group membership updates by identity claims must also be turned on.

Members tab

Displays the users that belong to this group.

Add Opens the Select Users dialog, which is used to add members to the group.
Remove Used to remove the selected members from the group.

Members Of tab

Displays the user lists that the selected group is a member of.

Add Opens the Select User Lists dialog, which is used to select the user list(s) you want to add this group to.
Remove Used to remove the group from being a member of the selected user lists.

Owners tab

Displays the users who are owners of this group. A user does not need to be a member of the group in order to be an owner of it, and a group can have multiple owners. The purpose of the Owners tab is to assign users ownership of a group from ProjectWise Administrator, so that they can then manage that group's membership and ownership from ProjectWise Explorer.

Add Used to select which users will be owners of this group.
Remove Used to remove the selected users from being owners of the group.