ProjectWise Administrator Help

Environment Properties Dialog

Used to change the name and description of an environment, and set the security permissions for folders and documents in the environment.

Name Sets the display name for the environment.
Description Sets the description of the environment.
Attribute table Displays the name of the table in the ProjectWise database in which this environment's attributes are stored.
Common environment If on, this environment is the default environment that will be used whenever a folder is created in ProjectWise Explorer, if no other environment is specified. Only one environment can be the common environment in a datasource.
Create attribute records upon document creation If on, the attributes will be created when a document is created. If off, attributes are only created when the first one is entered.
Default document list view Lets you select the view to assign to this environment. Once a view is assigned to this environment, and the environment is assigned to a folder or project in ProjectWise Explorer, then when documents in that folder or project are selected, the columns defined in the selected view will display at the top of the document list in ProjectWise Explorer. The list here displays the global views available in the datasource. If <none> displays, then that means there are no global views defined for this datasource.
Folder Security tab Contains controls for defining folder permissions when the selected environment is applied to the folder.
Document Security tab Contains controls for defining document permissions when the selected environment is applied to the folder.