ProjectWise Administrator Help

General Attribute Exchange Configuration

For each application you want to use attribute exchange with, configuration involves setting up attribute exchange rules for that application in ProjectWise Administrator, and then some client-side configuration that differs and depends on the integrated application you are using.

To configure attribute exchange rules in ProjectWise Administrator, you must first install ProjectWise Administrator with the iDesktop Attribute Administrator feature turned on. This displays the Attribute Exchange Rules node in your datasource in ProjectWise Administrator. Under the Attribute Exchange Rules node, there are three subnode which let you define rules for:

  • MicroStation Title Blocks
  • AutoCAD Title Blocks
  • Microsoft Office Attribute Support

Importing the Example Attribute Exchange Rules.ini file will populate the Microsoft Office Attribute Support node with attribute exchange rule classes for Microsoft Word and Excel documents, and it will also populate the MicroStation Title Blocks node with an attribute exchange rule classes that works with the MicroStation border files delivered with the example datasource template.