ProjectWise Administrator Help

Attribute Mapping Tips

  • When a job runs that is configured for a single distribution folder and one set of attribute mappings, if mapping fails for one attribute, all attribute mappings defined for that job will fail.

  • Placeholder attributes (the attributes that display the string representation of the document code) are automatically excluded from the list of available destination attributes to which you can map, because the values for these attributes will be generated by ProjectWise and applied once the renditions (and if applicable, source documents) reach the destination folder.

  • Required attributes must be mapped to if they do not have a default value. If these attributes are not mapped to, attribute mapping will fail when the job runs.

  • Only the “Fixed” default attribute value type is supported (environment variable, SQL statement, and dll are not supported).

  • Document Code is a set of attributes, the combination of which must be unique with an environment. If a target environment has a document code defined which uses a serial number, a new serial number will be generated for each new document created as a result of a rendition job, to ensure that each document has a unique document code. However, the target serial number will be copied from the source serial number if the following are true:

    (1) The job is distributing source files.

    (2) The source sequence number is mapped to the target sequence.

    (3) All source document code attributes are mapped 1 to 1 with the target document code attributes except for document code place holders.

    (4) The environment name for both the source and target match exactly and they have document coding defined.

    To ensure that a target serial number is dynamically generated, make sure that the source and target serial numbers are not changed.

    For renditioned documents, if you would like the source document code attributes to get copied to the target rendition attributes, make sure the source document code attributes are mapped to non-document code attributes on the target environment.

    If the Document Code does not include a serial number, the Document Code attribute has the potential of not being unique in the destination environment. If multiple renditions are created for each source file, each rendition will receive the same, non-unique Document Code attribute and attribute mapping will fail for that job. Try using a different destination environment if you want to use attribute mapping. Or, only map to this environment if you are sure each source file will generate only one rendition file, and you are not pushing source files.

  • Document Code attributes must either all be mapped to, or none be mapped to, for your overall attribute mapping to succeed.

  • If an environment has attributes that are unique, only map to these attributes if each source file will only generate one rendition file, and you are not distributing source files.