ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Create an Output File Format Component

  1. Expand Renditions > Rendition Profile Components.
  2. Right-click Output File Formats and select New > Format.

    The Output File Formats dialog opens with the PDF format already added to the list.

  3. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the component.
  4. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description for the component.
  5. Do one of the following:

    If you do not want PDF to be one of the output formats, select PDF in the list and click Remove.


    If you want to edit the output settings for any format listed, select the format type in the list and click Edit. Continue with the next step.


    If you want to add another output format, click Add. Continue with the next step.

    If you clicked Edit or Add, the Format dialog opens.

  6. If you clicked Add, select a format in the Format Type list. The Format Type list is disabled if you are editing a format.
  7. On the Format Properties tab, define the properties for the selected output format.
  8. If you are adding or editing the PDF format, select the Security tab to define security settings to be applied to the newly created PDFs.
  9. Click OK in the Format dialog.
  10. (Optional) Repeat steps 5 to 9 to define additional output formats.
  11. Click OK in the Output File Formats dialog.