ProjectWise Administrator Help

Identifying Accounts To Be Synchronized

Before you can create Windows - synchronized user accounts in the datasource, or synchronize existing accounts, you need to specify which Windows users and/or groups ProjectWise User Synchronization Service will synchronize with your ProjectWise accounts. You can also specify those Windows accounts to be ignored (not synchronized).

Tip: The steps for adding user groups to the synchronized accounts, and for adding users and user groups to the ignored accounts, are basically the same as the steps in the procedure "To specify the Windows accounts to be synchronized". That is, right-click the appropriate folder under Synchronized Accounts or Ignored Accounts, select New, and follow the wizard to completion.
Tip: You can synchronize a group but ignore some users in the group by adding the group to the Synchronized Accounts list, then adding the group members you do not want to synchronize to the Ignored Accounts Access list.