ProjectWise Administrator Help

Importing the Generic Workflow Rules Engine Template

After installing the Example Dataset through the ProjectWise Administrator installer, you can then import the generic workflow rules engine template into your datasource and set up workflow rules.

Important: This procedure uses the ProjectWise Import Wizard, which must be launched from a command prompt as described below in order to import the predefined workflow. Do not launch the wizard from the Start menu.
  1. Open a command prompt and navigate to: ...\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin
  2. Enter the following command:
    pwimpt /workflow

    The ProjectWise Import Wizard opens.

  3. Select Yes (yes, you will log in as an administrator) then click Next. The ProjectWise Log in dialog opens.
  4. Select the datasource you want to import the template into, enter the user name and password of an account that is a member of the Administrator group in the selected datasource (Password is case sensitive, User Name is not), and click Log in.
  5. On the Define the import settings page, turn on Environments, Work Areas\Folders, and Documents and click Next.
  6. Click Next to skip the following pages until you reach the Import Script File page.
  7. In the Import script file name field, click the Browse button (...) to navigate to the location where the template is installed and select the .AAM script file.

    For example:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise\Example Datasets\Rules Engine\RulesEngineTemplate.aam

  8. Click Next. On the next page, you specify where to import the work areas, folders, and/or documents. The window on the left shows a list of the work areas and folders contained in the export file. The window on the right shows the folder list of the destination datasource.
    1. In the left window, select Manually exported folders.
    2. In the right window, select the Documents root folder as the destination.
    3. Click the arrow button (->).
    4. From the Choose storage area list, select the storage area that will be used in the event that the Import Wizard encounters folders with an associated storage area that does not exist in the destination datasource.
    5. Click Import.

      The wizard displays the progress of the import.

  9. When the import is complete, click Close.

    Importing the template adds the following datasource objects:

    • an environment called "Rules Engine"
    • an interface called "Manager"
    • a workflow called "Rules Engine Workflow"
    • four states - "Approved", "Draft", "Obsolete", "Pending Approval"

    Importing the template also adds a project called "P03HA-Shangha_Water" which has these datasource objects already assigned to various items in the project.

    At the root of the project is a file called example_rules.xlsx, which contains the default workflow rules of the Rules Engine. You need to export the example_rules.xlsx file from ProjectWise Explorer, and then use that file to import the workflow rules into ProjectWise Administrator.

  10. Export the example_rules.xlsx file:
    1. In ProjectWise Explorer, log in to the datasource where you imported the template.
    2. Under the Documents root folder, select the project, P03HA-Shangha_Water.
    3. In the document list, select the example_rules.xlsx file and select Document > Export.
    4. In the Document Export Wizard, select Export and click Next. On the next page, select an export location and click Next. The file is exported. Click Finish.
  11. Open the local example_rules.xlsx file to review and edit settings as needed before importing to ProjectWise Administrator.

    The Super User and Rollback User specified on the Settings tab of the worksheet must exist in the datasource, otherwise import will fail. Either add these users to the datasource, or on the Settings tab of the worksheet add the names of existing users. They can be the same user, if necessary. The Super User will need elevated privileges above those of normal users.

  12. Import the rules from the example_rules.xlsx file:
    1. In ProjectWise Administrator, log in to the datasource where you want to import the workflow rules.
    2. Right-click the Rules Engine node and select Import Rules.
    3. Navigate to and select the exported local example_rules.xlsx file and select Open.
    The rules are imported to the database. Note that nothing actually displays under the Rules Engine node - this is expected.
  13. Now go back to ProjectWise Explorer, select the exported example_rules.xlsx file and select Document > Import to save any changes made to this file back to ProjectWise.