ProjectWise Administrator Help

Modifying a User Account's General Properties

You can modify a user's user name, password, description, email, and/or security type. You can modify these general properties, either one user at a time, or by selecting multiple users and applying the changes to all selected users. When you select multiple users and select Properties, you will always be able to modify the description and security type of all selected users, however other properties may be disabled from editing, if the selected users are of different account types. If all selected users are logical accounts, you will be able to set one password for all selected users. If all selected users are Windows accounts, you can set one domain for all selected users.

To Change a User's User Name, Password, Description, Email, and/or Security Type

  1. Right-click a user and select Properties.

    The User Properties dialog opens.

  2. On the General tab, make the necessary changes and click OK.