ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Open ProjectWise Administrator

  1. From the desktop:
    • On Windows 8 or later / Windows Server 2012 or later:

      Go to the Start page and type ProjectWise Administrator, or go to Start > Apps > Bentley and click ProjectWise Administrator.

    • On Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008:

      Select Start > All Programs > Bentley > ProjectWise <version> > ProjectWise Administrator.

  2. From a command prompt:
    1. Navigate to: [drive]:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin
    2. Enter: mmc.exe pwadmin2.msc
  3. From the Run dialog:
    1. Enter mmc.exe "[drive]:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin\pwadmin2.msc"
    2. Click OK.
  4. To open ProjectWise Administrator in Author mode:
    1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the ...\ProjectWise\bin folder.
    2. Right-click the pwadmin2.msc file and select Author.
    Note: You must open ProjectWise Administrator in Author mode if you want to add or remove snap-ins in ProjectWise Administrator.