ProjectWise Administrator Help

Presetting the Full Text Index Storage Location

When you install ProjectWise Design Integration Server with the Automated File Processing > Full Text Indexing option enabled, ProjectWise sets the default full text index storage location to C:\ProgramData\Bentley\pw-index-storage.

As you run text extractions, ProjectWise downloads copies of documents from the datasource and stores them in a temporary extraction folder on the ProjectWise Design Integration Server computer. For each document that gets processed, ProjectWise creates an intermediate file (*.DMSINDEX) which contains the text extracted from the document. These intermediate files get stored in a subfolder (one subfolder for each indexed datasource) under the main index storage folder. For example:







If you need the index storage to be located in a different folder or on a different drive, you can preset the index storage location using the steps below, and then install ProjectWise Design Integration Server.

  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor on the computer on which you are about to install ProjectWise Design Integration Server.
  2. Create the following registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bentley\ProjectWise\Automated File Processing

  3. Under that key, create a string called FtrIndexDataDir, and for its value enter the path to the location where you want the index storage folder to be.

    For example: D:\Bentley\pw-index-storage

  4. Close the Windows Registry Editor.

    The folder specified in the FtrIndexDataDir string will be created when the first extraction occurs.

Note: See the ProjectWise Administrator help for details about changing the index storage location after installation.