ProjectWise Administrator Help

To Install ProjectWise User Synchronization Service

  1. Double-click the Setup_ProjectWise_Serverx64_10.00.03.2xx.exe file.

    The ProjectWise Server installer opens.

  2. Accept the license agreement, change the installation location for the 64-bit items if needed (if possible) and click Next.

    Most items installed by the ProjectWise Server installer are 64-bit. The default installation location for 64-bit items is C:\Program Files\Bentley\ProjectWise, and can be changed as long as no other application from this release is already installed.

    The default installation location for ProjectWise User Synchronization Service, which is 32-bit, is C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise, and cannot be changed.

  3. On the Select server type page, select either ProjectWise Integration Server or Additional Software and click Next.

    The ProjectWise User Synchronization Service can be installed with or without the ProjectWise Design Integration Server. The rest of the images on this page assume you are just installing the ProjectWise User Synchronization Service.

  4. On the Select feature to install page, turn on ProjectWise User Synchronization Service and the subfeatures you want (Engine and/or Administrator) and click Next.
    Note: The Administrator feature is only present if ProjectWise Administrator is already installed.

  5. On the User Synchronization Service Configuration page, enter a valid Windows Domain name, Account Name and Password, then click Next.

    This account must have appropriate rights to connect to the Domain that you plan to synchronize with the ProjectWise datasources.

  6. On the Pre-installation summary page, review your selections, make any last minute changes if needed, then click Install.
  7. When installation is complete, click Finish.
  8. If you installed the ProjectWise User Synchronization Service Engine, then after installation, make sure the ProjectWise User Synchronization Service is started in the local Services window.
Note: To uninstall the ProjectWise User Synchronization Service, in Programs and Features, select ProjectWise Server CONNECT Edition and click Uninstall (if this is the only item installed from this installer) or Change (if there are other items installed through this installer that you do not want to uninstall).