ProjectWise Administrator Help

Server Performance Monitoring

ProjectWise Design Integration Server processes can be monitored through the Windows Performance Monitor tool (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Performance). The following are the available ProjectWise performance counter categories. For information about each counter, please refer to each counter's help text in the Windows Performance Monitor.

  • ProjectWise: Sessions
  • ProjectWise: System
  • ProjectWise: ODS Instances
  • ProjectWise: Connections
  • ProjectWise: Data Requests
  • ProjectWise: Database System
  • ProjectWise: DB Connections
  • ProjectWise: DB Statements
  • ProjectWise: DB Transactions
  • ProjectWise: DFT Delta Get Requests
  • ProjectWise: DFT Delta Put Requests
  • ProjectWise: DFT Digest Requests
  • ProjectWise: File Requests